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Sound Systems

Sikk Skooters is experienced in installing sound systems and can handle audio repair and speaker replacement so you can jam out to music that has a smooth, crisp quality.

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Power Outlets

Are your digital devices constantly running out of power? Wish you could keep your music player charged while on a long ride? Our mechanics will help you add power outlets to your scooter or fix a damaged cigarette lighter to keep you powered.

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Body Panel Replacements

If your scooter is starting to show its age, maybe it is time to consider body panel replacements. Replacing your scooter’s body panel can give it that “new scooter” look you fell in love with when you first bought it.

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Ignition Lock

For added scooter security, an ignition lock can help prevent your scooter from being stolen. Some ignition locks can also prohibit drunk driving from occurring by requiring a breathalyzer test.

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