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Transmission Repair

Have you been running into transmission problems, experiencing difficulty when changing gears? A properly functioning transmission is key to any motor vehicle, and your scooter is no exception, which is why Sikk Skooters offers affordable transmission repair services.

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Variator Replacement

Having a well functioning variator helps your scooter’s engine to run more efficiently and allows for seamless transition through gear ratios. Sikk Skooters is dedicated to helping your scooter run to its full potential, which is why we offer scooter variator replacement and repair services.

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Clutch Replacement

Your Scooter’s clutch is the part that engages and disengages the scooter’s power transmission. When a clutch becomes worn out or broken it can severely inhibit your scooter’s ability to function. Sikk Skooters offers reliable clutch replacement services to keep you and your scooter on the road.

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Roller Weight Replacement

A scooter’s roller weight works in conjunction with the scooter’s CVT to control the revolutions per minute (RPM) that the CVT maintains. A broken or malfunctioning roller weight will result in less RPM, slowing down your scooter. Sikk Skooters offers roller weight replacement services to help you keep your scooter running in top shape.

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Manifold Replacement

Your scooter’s manifold is vulnerable to cracks that could let excess air into your carburetor and causing a number of problems including less efficient fuel combustion and excessive wear on your engine. Let Sikk Skooters help get your scooter back into top condition with a manifold replacement.

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