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Front End Alignment

Just like with a car, proper front end alignment is an important part of scooter maintenance. Getting your scooter a front end alignment every few months will keep your steering intact.

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Shock Replacement

If you have been experiencing a rougher ride than you are used to, your scooter might be in need of shock replacement. Worn out shocks can cause more trouble than simply a bumpy ride, they can also contribute to wear and tear on your tires, suspension, and more. Make sure that your scooter is running […]

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Valve Adjustments

If your scooter is not running properly, a valve adjustment might be in order. Bring it to us at Sikk Skooters and we will make sure that your valves are functioning properly and your scooter rides great.

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Oil Change

When was the last time you had an oil change? Oil changes can be one of the most neglected forms of maintenance when it comes to caring for your scooter. Let our mobile scooter repair come to you and change your scooter’s oil so its engine can continue running strong.

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