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Brake Repair

Brake Repair Service: Have your scooter brakes repaired during the first sign of brake stress and replace your brake pads when necessary.

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Brake Light Switch Replacement

Driving with a broken brake light switch is not only very dangerous to you and the drivers behind you, it is also one of the top four most common reasons to be pulled over. We can replace your brake light switch in our shop.

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Brake Levers

At Sikk Skooters we also offer scooter brake lever repair and have sturdy replacement parts so you can rest easy knowing that you will be in full control behind the wheel.

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Brake Bleeding

Bring in your scooter for brake bleeding and we will flush out your brake system to ensure there are no air bubbles in your brake lines which interfere with proper breaking.

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Master Cylinder Replacement

A properly functioning master cylinder is incredibly important to your safety as a rider. A leaky trail of brake fluid is a sign that you are in need of a master cylinder replacement for your scooter. Give us a call and we’ll get the job done so you can get back on the road with […]

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