Meet the Team

Andy Hall

Our lead mechanic, Andy, has been riding and repairing motors and scooters since age seven, around the time when pit bikes were the next big thing.

Born into a family of drag-racing enthusiasts, Andy was raised learning the ins and outs of all types of 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke and electric vehicles. He later pursued his love of the sciences by earning his degree at UCLA.

Andy’s passion for scooters, electric bicycles and mopeds has led him on a path towards helping fellow riders in Southern California reach their destination safely and in style.

Erin Bernath

Erin is the second-half of the Sikk Skooters team and is a self-made scooter diagnosis wizard.

Born and bred in Lawndale, Erin also studied at UCLA and had years of customer service experience before joining forces with Andy in order to pursue their shared passion for scooters and start Sikk Skooters in 2010.

Since then, Erin and Andy have been running their scooter shop with integrity and pride, while building a following of satisfied customers from the Beach Cities to the West Side and their home base in the South Bay.

Andy and Erin pride themselves on working to earn the trust of their customers so they may build long-lasting relationships.

At Sikk Skooters, it is truly our passion to work with all things scooter and scooter related while providing excellent customer service. It is this passion that has pushed Sikk Skooters into becoming the best scooter repair shop in Los Angeles and South Bay.

At Sikk Skooters, we are able to step up to any challenge your scooter may present, because over the years we’ve seen just about everything. No matter how big or small the request, the Sikk Skooters team is happy to take on any challenge when it comes to your scooter.

We have established a solid reputation due to honesty and don’t pull any punches to get your scooter back on the road. The owners of Sikk Skooters stand by the philosophy that the customer will be told exactly what their scooter needs at the correct price.

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