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Fast Scooter Repair for Los Angeles and South Bay

The Expert Mechanics for Los Angeles Scooter Repair

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Sikk Skooters is a full-service scooter repair shop that specializes in refurbishing and repairing adult scooters and kid scooters, mopeds, battery-powered scooters, electric bicycles, mopeds, Vespa scooters, Aprilia scooters, Chinese scooters and more. Among the distinguishing features of our scooter repair shop is our mobile repair service, which allows for on-site diagnosis and repair. We also offer a wide range of scooter repair services and go above and beyond for our customers at all stages of the scooter repair process to make sure scooters are fixed fast and returned quickly. From tune-ups and inspections to replacements and refurbishments, Sikk Skooters offers every kind of scooter repair service imaginable.

We proudly serve the many diverse neighborhoods of West Los Angeles including all of our Beach Cities, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Marina Del Rey, Pacific Palisades, South Bay and beyond. In order to make sure that we give each and every one of our clients our undivided attention, all of our scooter repair services are appointment-only.

We pride ourselves in giving specialized and unique attention to your particular scooter needs. No matter what your scooter repair may be, we’ll have your scooter looking and working like brand new in no time! Not to mention, we have Sikk Skooter bumper stickers plastered around LA and the South Bay. If you find a Sikk Skooter sticker and take a picture and tag Sikk Skooters on one of our social media pages, Sikk Skooters will service your scooter with a free oil change with any $50 service! To schedule an appointment, click here.


Transmission Repair

Have you been running into transmission problems, experiencing difficulty when changing gears? A properly functioning transmission is key to any motor vehicle, and your scooter is no exception, which is why Sikk Skooters offers affordable transmission repair services.

Variator Replacement

Having a well functioning variator helps your scooter’s engine to run more efficiently and allows for seamless transition through gear ratios. Sikk Skooters is dedicated to helping your scooter run to its full potential, which is why we offer scooter variator replacement and repair services.

Clutch Replacement

Your Scooter’s clutch is the part that engages and disengages the scooter’s power transmission. When a clutch becomes worn out or broken it can severely inhibit your scooter’s ability to function. Sikk Skooters offers reliable clutch replacement services to keep you and your scooter on the road.

Roller Weight Replacement

A scooter’s roller weight works in conjunction with the scooter’s CVT to control the revolutions per minute (RPM) that the CVT maintains. A broken or malfunctioning roller weight will result in less RPM, slowing down your scooter. Sikk Skooters offers roller weight replacement services to help you keep your scooter running in top shape.

Performance Tuning and Upgrades

The occasional performance upgrade and tuning can breathe new life into your scooter. Sikk Skooters are experts at finding performance tuning and upgrades to take your scooter to the next level

Manifold Replacement

Your scooter’s manifold is vulnerable to cracks that could let excess air into your carburetor and causing a number of problems including less efficient fuel combustion and excessive wear on your engine. Let Sikk Skooters help get your scooter back into top condition with a manifold replacement.

Sound Systems

Sikk Skooters is experienced in installing sound systems and can handle audio repair and speaker replacement so you can jam out to music that has a smooth, crisp quality.

Power Outlets

Are your digital devices constantly running out of power? Wish you could keep your music player charged while on a long ride? Our mechanics will help you add power outlets to your scooter or fix a damaged cigarette lighter to keep you powered.

Body Panel Replacements

If your scooter is starting to show its age, maybe it is time to consider body panel replacements. Replacing your scooter’s body panel can give it that “new scooter” look you fell in love with when you first bought it.

Ignition Lock

For added scooter security, an ignition lock can help prevent your scooter from being stolen. Some ignition locks can also prohibit drunk driving from occurring by requiring a breathalyzer test.

Ignition Coil Replacement

Trouble starting your scooter? Your spark plugs can’t function without a working ignition coil, but Sikk Skooters can help. Take advantage of our mobile scooter repair services, and let us help you out with an ignition coil replacement.

Electrical Diagnostic

A routine electrical diagnostic checkup with Sikk Skooters can help identify any electrical issues your scooter may be dealing with and help get you back on the road with a top functioning scooter.

CDI Replacement

If your scooter isn’t running properly, there may be a problem with your scooter’s capacitor discharge ignition (CDI). Sikk Skooters offers CDI replacement services that will help your scooter’s spark plugs work more efficiently.

Voltage Regulator Replacement

Replacing your scooter’s voltage regulator is a long-term, mechanical investment that can increase your scooter’s lifespan. Sikk Skooters offers voltage regulator replacement, helping you enjoy your scooter for many years to come.

Magento Replacement

A properly functioning magento is an important part of a well maintained scooter engine. Sikk Skooters offers magento replacement services for your scooter so you can get the most out of your engine.

Scooter Starter and Relays

Sometimes fixing a broken down scooter can be as simple as needing to replace the scooter starter or relays. Let Sikk Skooters help to better protect your scooter’s electrical system with new scooter starters and relays.

Triple Tree Replacement

A worn out or damaged triple tree can have an impact on your ability to properly steer your scooter. Fortunately, Sikk Skooters offers triple tree replacement to ensure that your scooter is at its peak performance.

Headlights, Tail Lights and Blinker Bulbs

We carry scooter headlights, tail lights and blink bulbs and can even custom-order lights for your scooter. No matter your scooter’s light needs, Sikk Skooter is able to accommodate.

Scooter Mirrors

From mirror heads to mirror windows and mirror installation, we can fix or order parts to take care of any of your scooter mirror needs.

Muffler Repair

Is your loud scooter engine waking the neighbors? Bring it in to the muffler repair experts at Sikk SKooters. We can repair your scooter’s mufflers to silence the noise pollution, allowing for a more serene driving experience.

Front End Alignment

Just like with a car, proper front end alignment is an important part of scooter maintenance. Getting your scooter a front end alignment every few months will keep your steering intact.

Shock Replacement

If you have been experiencing a rougher ride than you are used to, your scooter might be in need of shock replacement. Worn out shocks can cause more trouble than simply a bumpy ride, they can also contribute to wear and tear on your tires, suspension, and more. Make sure that your scooter is running Learn More…

Throttle, Grip, and Cable Replacement

For scooter throttle, grip, cable replacement and cable repair, we have the parts to return your scooter to full strength.

Valve Adjustments

If your scooter is not running properly, a valve adjustment might be in order. Bring it to us at Sikk Skooters and we will make sure that your valves are functioning properly and your scooter rides great.

Gas Gauge, Vacuum Fuel Pump Repair / Replacement

Keep your fuel flowing properly and know exactly when you need to get gas for your scooter through gas gauge or fuel pump repair when you bring your scooter to Sikk Skooters.

Oil Change

When was the last time you had an oil change? Oil changes can be one of the most neglected forms of maintenance when it comes to caring for your scooter. Let our mobile scooter repair come to you and change your scooter’s oil so its engine can continue running strong.

Spark Plugs

Corroded or worn spark plugs can cause your engine to misfire and lead to poor engine performance. For your engine to run smoothly, you should schedule a spark plug replacement periodically with the mechanics at Sikk Skooters.

Stator Replacement

Sikk Skooters offers scooter stator replacement. Having your stator replaced will support a better-functioning motor for your scooter so you can get the most out of your ride.

Carburetor Replacement / Cleaning / Rejeting / Upgrade

If your scooter is not accelerating like normal, your carburetor might be the reason. Sikk Skooters offer carburetor replacement, carburetor cleaning, carburetor rejeting, and carburetor upgrades.

Brake Repair

Brake Repair Service: Have your scooter brakes repaired during the first sign of brake stress and replace your brake pads when necessary.

Brake Light Switch Replacement

Driving with a broken brake light switch is not only very dangerous to you and the drivers behind you, it is also one of the top four most common reasons to be pulled over. We can replace your brake light switch in our shop.

Brake Levers

At Sikk Skooters we also offer scooter brake lever repair and have sturdy replacement parts so you can rest easy knowing that you will be in full control behind the wheel.

Brake Bleeding

Bring in your scooter for brake bleeding and we will flush out your brake system to ensure there are no air bubbles in your brake lines which interfere with proper breaking.

Master Cylinder Replacement

A properly functioning master cylinder is incredibly important to your safety as a rider. A leaky trail of brake fluid is a sign that you are in need of a master cylinder replacement for your scooter. Give us a call and we’ll get the job done so you can get back on the road with Learn More…

Scooter Repair Services that Won’t Break the Bank

We are confident that we can help you and your scooter get back on the road. A sampling of our many scooter repair services includes brake repairs, scooter parts inventory, performance upgrades and carburetor installation and cleaning. Sikk Skooters also has many scooter parts on-hand and have the ability to quickly order the parts that are harder to come by.