Sikk Skooters Has Mobile Scooter Repair


Our Mobile Scooter Repair Offers On-Site Service, Pick Up, and Delivery to Los Angeles and South Bay

The goal of Sikk Skooters is to turn each scooter that comes our way from “sick” to “sikk.” Sikk Skooters’ mobile scooter repair service offers an on-site mechanic for more minor scooter repairs. Because we recognize that many scooter riders aren’t mechanics, our on-site service lends you the expert diagnostic support of a Sikk Skooters specialist who will have the tools available to fix your scooter usually within an hour. In this scenario, you no longer have to ask a friend or relative to chauffeur you to our shop. The fees for this service will include driver mileage, diagnosis and the cost of gas.

Our beloved delivery and tow service is for scooter owners who are unable to transport their broken scooter to our shop. The way our mobile scooter repair service works is simple. An expert scooter mechanic from our team comes to your house to pick-up your scooter and transport it to our shop, where we can immediately diagnose the problem and get started on repair. Once we go to work on your scooter, our mobile scooter repair staff will alert you of the estimated completion date based on estimated completion time and whether we need to order additional parts. The mobile scooter repair team will then arrange to deliver your scooter to your residence at a time that is convenient for you.

Do you need to schedule a mobile repair service with Sikk Skooters? Reach out to us today and see if we service your area by giving us a call at 310-402-6835. Our mobile repair service is available to most scooter owners residing in Los Angeles, South Bay and certain beach cities within this range.