Sikk Skooters offers Free Consultations

Sikk Skooters has quickly established itself as a favorite to many when it comes to scooter repair service. When we call ourselves a one-stop shop for scooter repair, we mean it. You can think of us as a scooter hospital. We know that many of our customers use scooters as their primary means of transportation, which is why it is important to us to be able to quickly solve any of your scooter needs and to identify the necessary scooter parts or scooter battery that can get your scooter running safely. On-site consultations are also available through our mobile scooter repair service, in case you would like us to see your scooter in person. From services and repairs to buying or selling scooters, the first step to working with Sikk Skooters is to call for a free consultation with our team.

An over-the-phone scooter consultation can put your mind at ease

Our consultation is an invaluable part of the customer experience. As Sikk Skooters is made up of a close-knit team that brings years of professional experience to the table, you can rest assured that you won’t need a second opinion from another shop. We are confident that we can solve any issue with your scooter that comes our way. Erin handles all of our customer service issues, and will be the person that you will be speaking with during your free consultation. Since she is usually able to diagnose a broken scooter on the spot, it will be quite a feat if you are able to stump her.

Want to buy or sell a scooter? Sikk Skooter consultations will get you on the right path

Sikk Skooters also offers free consultations for those looking to buy or sell a scooter, to make sure that you get the best deal possible. If you are a Los Angeles area scooter rider researching to buy a cheap or high-end scooter, you’ll be happy to know that Sikk Skooters can be an invaluable resource to lean on. With scooter purchase consultations, we will need to know your budget, the make and style you are looking for, your height and weight, as well as where you are looking to ride your scooter, as all of these factors will determine what scooter will be the best fit for you. In addition to our own scooter repair expertise, we also take into account recent scooter reviews from authorities like Consumer Report and Popular Mechanics.

Our over the phone or in-person consultation will give us the information we need to start hunting for a scooter that will fit all of your needs. Perhaps you are looking to upgrade on one of your scooter parts or replace a scooter battery. In this case, we can help you determine compatible scooter parts that make sense for your budget and scooter brand. Through scooter sale consultations, we can help to assess the market value of your scooter and suggest some scooter sales platforms to promote your scooter. Once we have all of the information, we can start the buying or selling process for your scooter. If you wish to schedule a consultation with Sikk Skooters, click here.